Services & Facilities

Blue Hills Veterinary Hospital prides itself on sophisticated diagnostic, imaging, laboratory equipment, all of which is intended to facilitate the highest level of pet care offered to our clients. It is regarded as essential that we not only keep up to date with rapidly-developing medical information, but the vets enthusiastically participate in ongoing Continuing Professional Development.

Facilities & Services include the following but is not limited to:

Hospital facilites
X Ray Machine
Surgery Theatre
Stem Cell Therapy
Patient Kennels & Stabling
Animal Sterilisation
General Surgery
Cruciate Surgery
C – Section
Soft Tissue Surgery
Allergy and Skin diagnostics
Billiary Treatment
Spiro circa Treatment
Managing Intestinal Disease
Osteoarthritis Management
Managing Pancreatitis
Remedy Poisoning
Dentistry: cleaning, polishing and extraction
In house Laboratory
Manageing Chronic Kidney, Heart & liver Disease
Managing Parasitic Diseases
Chemo Therapy
General Patient Wellness
Senior Patient Care
Cancer Management

House Calls

If you have 3 or more pets and find it difficult bringing all of them in for their annual vaccinations at the same time, please contact us to find out whether one of the Veterinarians can do a house call and vaccinate and deworm your pets in their own environment.

Please do not hesitate to enquire on other services by giving us a call on 011 318 2340 / 1

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